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Thom Reed

UFOs in the Spotlight

The 1st historically true UFO encounter in the U.S. | How the Reed’s handled the media.

Our UFO incident was the basis for “Unsolved Mysteries”- Berkshire’s UFO. However, not a single document was introduced. It is the only UFO encounter to be officially archived as historically true, by state historians and the office of the Governor. The historical society’s state archives read, “The Historical Society in Massachusetts has formally and officially inducted the first off-world UFO incident into U.S. history” I’ll also address the support from Massachusetts Governor; Charles D. Baker and his Citation, with the following words: The incident was factually upheld, founded, and deemed historically significant and true. As well as the sealing of our records by a court magistrate, who pronounced them uncontested lawful documents.

My family’s background includes living in Cherry Hills Colorado at the home of William Roosevelt, the grandson of President Roosevelt from 1960 -1962. My grandmother was their Governess. My father Dr. Howard Reed was a Politician and Attorney who got the encounter before the United Nations in support of GA33/426, on Oct 2, 1992. Mufon’s Public Relations Director Attorney, Robert Benchmen, was a colleague of my fathers and organized the Symposium. (My father also died on Oct 2) In addition: The links to the Space Race, the Goodwill-Message, the UFO Monument Park, and the Media. www.ufopark.org


The Reed family, are the first and only to have their UFO incident officially archived as historically true, by the Governor and the State Historical Society. The location of Reed’s event was added to the States list of official landmarks, (HMDB.ORG) and can be seen in the Thom Reed – UFO Monument Park, in Sheffield MA. Following his making of the U.S. History he was highlighted on ABC News NY, FOX Prime Time and graced the cover of the Boston Globe, twice. Thom’s incident has been featured on Ancient Aliens – The Taken, Discovery Channels – Alien Mysteries, Travel Channels – Paranormal Declassified, and was the basis for Unsolved Mysteries – Berkshires UFO, on Netflix. Personal Life: Reed is the founder of Miami Models, a renowned talent management group in South Beach. He is also the son of a Politician and Attorney, the late Dr. Howard Reed. Thom’s father saw the encounter mentioned at the United Nations in support of GA33/426, on Oct 2, 1992. (Thom’s father, Dr. Howard Reed would also lose his life on Oct 2) The UFO Park is in his loving memory.