Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Sue Watson

UFOs in the Spotlight

I was born in Santa Monica, California and was moved to Phoenix when I was ten. After finishing my education, I worked for a law firm for a year and then got my dream job with Baskin-Robbins of Arizona as an executive assistant to the owners. I was dating Vince at the time when Baskin Robbins posted a new position, Division Manager of Arizona, Vince applied and got the job. I later worked as a school administrator for a boy’s private high school and a Montessori school for over twenty-three years.

Vince and I were married in 1969 and had seven children over a fourteen-year period beginning in 1972. They were all raised and still live in Phoenix, with the exception of two of our girls, who passed away in 2017. We have nine beautiful grandchildren. Our life is now fun and busy.

On the night of March 13,1997 around 8:20pm our daughter Monica drove up, then ran into the house to tell us that there was a very large aircraft moving over Camelback Mountain toward our home. Three of our other children, Erin (18), Brian (15), Kevin (12) and I rushed outside to see an incredible boomerang shaped aircraft with seven large amber lights evenly spaced along the front and sides. It slowly moved over our home southward bound for over ten minutes. Our boys laid on their backs in the yard waving to the amber lighted belly of the aircraft. We watched it continue silently flying south a few miles and then it folded its wings to become a very thin triangle and shot off in seconds. Since the aircraft flew over the airport, I called them to ask what they knew about it. The operator said they had no information on it and gave me a number to call in Seattle to report a UFO sighting. At the time we didn’t know it was a UFO but I called the National UFO Reporting Center and talked to Peter Davenport. He asked us to draw a picture and write a description that night so we wouldn’t forget any details. I faxed it to him the next morning from work, and the rest is history.

In the years since, we have been interviewed and filmed by many American and international production companies. During one of our interviews for a movie being filmed in Phoenix, our son Brian was asked if it was possible that he saw flares instead of an aircraft and he said “I know what I saw and it wasn’t flares.” James Fox, the producer, then named the documentary “I Know What I Saw”. We have never seen anything like it since and it will forever be in our memory as an incredible shared family experience.