Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Field Investigator Training (FIT)

UFOs in the Spotlight

The Field Investigator Training (FIT) session will provide instruction on a number of different topics of interest to Field Investigators. Learn how to use your Mind, Voice, and Tools in the field when responding to a reported UFO sighting.  Experienced Field Investigators give their opinions, facts, and procedures they have used successfully in the field to create detailed, scientific reports of sightings

Please note that THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATION CLASS. For information regarding the process of becoming a certified field investigator please visit mufon.com.

This is an extremely popular session so early registration is highly recommended. Seating is limited.

2022 MUFON FI Training Topics will be:

“Disposition Training” presented by MUFON Person to be Named

“Fast and Efficient Investigations” presented by Shane Hurd

“Photo & Video Forensics” presented by Marc D’Antonio

“The Witness Interview” –presented by Marianne Robb and Dave Rich

“Interviewing Techniques & Evidence Collecting.” Presented by Katie Griboski & Stacey Wright

The Training Schedule will be:

07:30 – Registration & Check-in

08:00 – Greetings from HQ

08:15 – Welcome – MUFON Person to be Named

08:30 – “Disposition Training” – MUFON Person to be Named  1hr.

09:30 – “Fast and Efficient Investigations”- Shane Hurd  1hr 15 min.

10:45 – “Photo & Video Forensics” – Marc D’Antonio  1hr 15 min.

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – “The Witness Interview” – Marianne Robb and Dave Rich  1hr 15 min.

2:15 – Hands On Training  “Interviewing Techniques & Evidence Collecting.” – Katie Griboski & Stacey Wright 1hr 15 min.

3:30 – wrap up and close

4:30 – Dismissal