Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA


UFOs in the Spotlight

Keynote Speaker: Cheryll Jones

American Media, UFOs and Historical Honesty…What’s The End Game?

Before Roswell…there was pilot Kenneth Arnold whose “flying saucer” report on June 24, 1947 was the first highly publicized UFO sighting making headlines. That would soon change. On July 8, 1947, barely two weeks later, The Roswell Daily Record published a front page story with a world famous headline, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”. Within hours other newspapers were picking up the story off news wires and reporters were making travel arrangements to New Mexico. 

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Peter Robbins

The Origins of UFO Ridicule: How America’s Greatest Newspaper Helped Perpetrate America’s Greatest Deception

The subject of truly anomalous UFO/UAPs and their implications for humanity have been taken seriously by our military and intelligence communities since at least the summer of 1947, more seriously in fact than any other matter facing this nation since the end of World War II. Yet up until a few short years ago they were the subject of almost universal ridicule by major media, official government and military pronouncements, and the population at large. This was no accident

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Michael Schratt

DARK FILES: A Pictorial History of Lost, Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters
Michael Schratt will present a highly illustrated lecture specifically focusing in on the most obscure cases in the field of UFOlogy.

Topics to be included are the following:

  • The mysterious airship wave of 1897
  • USO’s (Unidentified Submerged Objects)
  • September 1958 U.S.S. FDR UFO encounter

….and many more

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Kathleen Marden

Betty and Barney Hill, the Documented Evidence, and Media Spin: Then and Now
The 1961 abduction of Betty and Barney Hill burst into print media in 1966 generating an explosion of public interest and unease at the Pentagon. The book was not entirely accurate, nor was a 1975 movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons.

The publicity around the Hills’ abduction brought a hoard of spin masters who injected new scenarios, distortion, and doubt to the already inaccurate mix. It is not surprising that fact and fiction have combined through the twist and turns of this great taboo both then and now.

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Thom Reed

The 1st historically true UFO encounter in the U.S. | How the Reed’s handled the media.

Our UFO incident was the basis for “Unsolved Mysteries”- Berkshire’s UFO. However, not a single document was introduced. It is the only UFO encounter to be officially archived as historically true, by state historians and the office of the Governor. The historical society’s state archives read, “The Historical Society in Massachusetts has formally and officially inducted the first off-world UFO incident into U.S. history” I’ll also address the support from Massachusetts Governor; Charles D. Baker and his Citation, with the following words: The incident was factually upheld, founded, and deemed historically significant and true.


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Paul and Joel Hynek

Growing Up with UFOs.

What’s it like to not know a life without UFOs? Where flying saucer ornaments were on the Christmas tree, Project Blue Book air force personnel and people like Travis Walton and Father Gill were normal dinner guests, and strange objects would show up? Hear Joel and Paul talk about their upbringing in the Hynek household, and how it shaped their lives.



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Peter Davenport

Three Decades of UFO Sightings:  Where is it Going, and What Does it Mean?

Peter will devote the first part of his presentation to a discussion of some of he more dramatic and baffling cases he has received over the course of his career, to include several cases that he written articles about in The UFO Journal, MUFON’s monthly publication.  The remainder of the presentation will be dedicated to a discussion of the frequent reports of red, orange, and yellow “orbs,” or “fireballs,” the volume of which appears to have suddenly, and dramatically, increased in mid-2012, and which continue to the present time.  Any remaining time will be used for an update on the status of Peter’s proposal, first presented in 1995, to use reflected commercial FM radio and television signals for the direct, and real-time, detection and tracking of UFO’s in flight.

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Dave Scott

The Media Doesn’t Understand OUR Story

Spaced Out Radio Host Dave Scott is going to break down how the mainstream media has covered the subject of UAP. With his inside knowledge of working inside newsrooms, and now covering this subject full time, Dave has the unique understanding at how the coverage of UAP has been a controlled narrative that is void of investigative journalism, knowledge and history.



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Craig Campobasso

Valiant Thor – The Stranger at the Pentagon

The landing of Valiant Thor was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type alien by military officials. He met with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon for an hour, and then the alien was put on VIP status and shuttled back to the Pentagon.

—Harley Byrd, Project Blue Book

Craig will be presenting the story of Valiant Thor in its entirety as told to him by Dr. Frank Stranges.

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Donald Schmitt

Media Suppression of the Reality of UFOS… Began at Roswell

No other UFO event is more demonstrative of free speech violations than the Roswell crash of 1947. From shutting down the very city of Roswell, the the New Mexican governor’s office and beyond to Washington, D.C., the Pentagon went to the most extreme measures to assure that the reality and truth of the crash didn’t get out to the public. 



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MUFON TV’s Ron James will discuss his new film, “Accidental Truth”.

Ron James is a filmmaker, on-camera personality, writer, editor, researcher, content creator and entrepreneur.

James is the co-founder of MUFON Television, an online TV channel boasting the world’s largest collection of commercial-free UAP related material.

He has created 7 feature length documentaries and dozens of original independent series episodes.

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Marc D’Antonio

Yes They Have Found Us

Our early views about the cosmos has shaped our perspective of the Universe and the sheer difficulty for a species such as ours to ply the depths of the universe. As we look at findings from the Kepler, TESS , and now the James Webb Space telescopes, we find that Earth may be ANYTHING but unique. While Earth governments in military circles has been setting the stage for eventual disclosure, they collectively have NO idea what may actually arrive at our cosmic snores. Will they be like us? Likely NOT.

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UFO Cases of Interest

Various MUFON Investigators

Come and listen to some of the most interesting cases in recent MUFON history. Several MUFON Field Investigators will present and discuss some of the most amazing cases we have seen in recent times. Presenters will describe what the report was about, how MUFON performed their investigation, and any possible outcomes that my have occurred. Great way to end our Symposium!!