Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Master of Ceremonies – Sev Tok

UFOs in the Spotlight

Sev Tok is an Experiencer, Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Counselor.

Sev, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, emigrated to the U.S. as a a little girl, not knowing English when she started first grade and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at Loyola University. At age 10, she began having ET Contact, continuing throughout her life, which she kept secret. In Sept 2017, Sev came face-to-face with Greys who burned two red X marks on her back. This prompted her to delve into a deep introspection about her life’s purpose and “came out” at AlienCon 2018, as a Speaker and through her book, You Have You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens. Sev is currently writing her second book, Alien Wisdom.

Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docuseries, Encounter: UFO – Physical Contact, and can be seen and heard in interviews around the world including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. There is a planet and star system named after her in the Star Wars Galactic System! You can find the Sev Tok Planet and Star System in Wookieepedia.

As a MUFON Field Investigator for North Carolina and a member of MUFON’s Experiencer Research Team, Sev helps Experiencers around the world. She is currently researching the spiritual awakening of Experiencers and offers guidance through the ET Encounters portal on her website, planetsev.com. You can watch Sev’s videos on her YouTube channel, Alien Spirit TV, and follow her work and research on Facebook, Instagram, and in her newsletter.

To contact Sev for speaking engagements, media appearances, consultations, or to share your ET Encounters with her, sev@planetsev.com.