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Yes They Have Found Us – Marc D’Antonio

Yes They Have Found Us – Marc D’Antonio

Our early views about the cosmos has shaped our perspective of the Universe and the sheer difficulty for a species such as ours to ply the depths of the universe. As we look at findings from the Kepler, TESS , and now the James Webb Space telescopes, we find that Earth may be ANYTHING but unique. While Earth governments in military circles has been setting the stage for eventual disclosure, they collectively have NO idea what may actually arrive at our cosmic snores. Will they be like us? Likely NOT. In fact they will likely be very different on many levels. This talk will take an educated guess at answers to these questions and more:

  • WHY has Earth likely been on alien radar for more than 2 BILLION years.
  • HOW might an alien race leverage technology hinted at by our infant understanding of the Universe?
  • WHY are UFOs saucer shaped or triangular shaped by and large?
  • HOW might these ships propel themselves and what future science are we possibly seeing?
  • WHY the appearance of UFOs MATCHES what we suspect about their propulsion methods
  • WHERE they may actually be hiding while observing us.. Hint: Its NOT on the Moon…
  • WHAT they may be doing here…. They are not here to eat our brains nor take our resources… The speculation goes beyond that.

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Jul 10 2022


1:30 PM - 2:45 PM


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