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Media Suppression of the Reality of UFOS… Began at Roswell – Donald R. Schmitt

Media Suppression of the Reality of UFOS… Began at Roswell – Donald R. Schmitt

No other UFO event is more demonstrative of free speech violations than the Roswell crash of 1947. From shutting down the very city of Roswell, the the New Mexican governor’s office and beyond to Washington, D.C., the Pentagon went to the most extreme measures to assure that the reality and truth of the crash didn’t get out to the public. To accomplish such a monumental feat, officialdom required the cooperation of the press and needed their full involvement as accomplices to not only shut-down the story but also to reinforce the misinformation. It was a high-risk effort but all to quickly it served the purpose of the arbiters of one of the greatest cover-ups of all time.

Over the past 40 years Roswell has received more publicity than any other case; some fair, some supportive, but much of it still in compliance with the secret-keepers. Aside from 1947, what renewed examples of government subterfuge have taken place in recent years, and for a UFO incident which has solicited four official explanations, is there any softening of prior tactics, or should we be prepared for a fifth, and a sixth solution from those who have been spreading deception for now 75 years.

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Jul 09 2022


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