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Dinner Banquet & Keynote Address by Cheryll Jones

Dinner Banquet & Keynote Address by Cheryll Jones

American Media, UFOs and Historical Honesty…What’s The End Game?

TV and radio broadcast journalist, veteran CNN news anchor/meteorologist and Coast to Coast AM’s special investigative reporter Cheryll Jones will examine the media’s engagement of the UFO/extraterrestrial issue since 1947 and where we find ourselves in the fast changing whirlwind of the present day.

Before Roswell…there was pilot Kenneth Arnold whose “flying saucer” report on June 24, 1947 was the first highly publicized UFO sighting making headlines. That would soon change. On July 8, 1947, barely two weeks later, The Roswell Daily Record published a front page story with a world famous headline, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region”. Within hours other newspapers were picking up the story off news wires and reporters were making travel arrangements to New Mexico. Had those reporters made their way to Roswell and interviewed the scores of witnesses to the week’s events, the world might have learned of the extraterrestrial presence in 1947. The next day The Record published a new story with the headline, “General Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer”…the reporters on their way to New Mexico turned around. The world has now waited 75 years to learn that profound truth…still withheld today.

These two headlines and stories behind them perfectly bracket the history of the media dilemma regarding extraterrestrial presence and the government imposed truth embargo…or what I call ” historical dishonesty” on that issue. Imagine…a third headline that might soon complete the circle, “We are Not Alone!” The type would be very large…and fill the entire front page.

Such a headline and the transparency represented by it is something of which we can still only dream. Regretfully, we must still face the fact the truth embargo, although it has taken on various names and representations over the years, is still very much alive and well. The many misleading statements and general disrespect for this topic that has plagued the public over the decades are still being perpetrated, but it is becoming more and more evident as the years pass that this evidence of “journalistic creativity” regarding this topic is but the very tip of the iceberg.

Censorship and journalistic fiction has made its presence known in a way that is not only unprecedented in its volume, but unparalleled in its boldness. Never before has the need been this great for the general public to not only to question and demand transparency on the subject of UFO/UAP disclosure, but never has it been more important for American citizens to vet everything they hear or see from the media, especially mainstream media.

How has the Fourth Estate failed the American people and its own journalistic code? What, if anything, can be done to help American journalism be the leading force Joseph Pulitzer envisioned?

Broadcast journalist and veteran CNN news anchor/meteorologist Cheryll Jones will examine the media’s engagement of the UFO/extraterrestrial issue since 1947… and what roles organizations like MUFON and the public might play in not just ending the “historical dishonesty” or truth embargo that the media has enabled for 75 years regarding the UFO/extraterrestrial issue…but what might be the end game in bringing to a close what has become known as the era of “Fake News”.

As Steve Bassett, producer of “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” and “X Conferences” puts it…”Cheryll Jones is a polished professional journalist not afraid to acknowledge her great interest in the extraordinary issues surrounding extraterrestrial-related phenomena and exopolitics.” It can also be added that she is not afraid to acknowledge her great concern with the current entire climate of the media in general.

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Jul 08 2022


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