Location: Denver, CO, 80202 USA

Earl Grey Anderson

UFOs in the Spotlight

Earl Grey Anderson is MUFON’s State Director of Southern California, a member of the Experiencer Resource Team, as well as a STAR Team member.

Earl has personally investigated and closed over 700 UFO cases, with over 60 confirmed ‘Unknowns’. One of Earl’s cases was recognized at the 2021 MUFON Symposium, as one of the top 5 cases of the year.

Earl has been on multiple radio programs, podcasts, and television shows, as well as the recent Peacock+ series, ‘Unidentified’ with Demi Lovato, The Travel Channel’s ‘Storming Area 51 Special, and was recently the featured UFO authority on Motor Mythbusters UFO episode on Motor Trends Television.

Earl is a Southern California native, and lives with his wife Lisa, and his two cats, in The San Fernando Valley.