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UFOs in the Spotlight

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Registration Opening Soon!

On February 1st, 2022, the mufonsymposium.com website will be open for registration for the symposium itself.  There will be many options for ticketing, as well as tickets for the extra curricular activities. Extras include:    1. MUFON Field Investigator Training    2. Experiencer Sessions    3. Phoenix Lights Movie and Discussion with Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.    4. A…
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2022 Keynote Speaker Announced

Cheryll Jones’ accomplished TV broadcasting career covers extensive experience on both sides of the camera.  Starting as a weather reporter, Cheryll quickly extended her skills and credentials to include talk show host, producer, field reporter, writer and network news anchor. She is uniquely distinguished as the only TV broadcaster to be both a news anchor…
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Master of Ceremonies Announced

MUFON announces Sev Tok as the Master of Ceremonies for the MUFON 2022 Symposium in Denver Colorado. About Sev: On September 16, 2017 my life changed.The secret I had been hiding for 45 years exposed itself. The reality of my life-long ET Contact could no longer remain hidden. What I thought were dreams, were not.…
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