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2022 Symposium Sponsors

UFOs in the Spotlight

Sponsors and donors are the lifeblood of MUFON. We wish to take every opportunity we can to gratefully thank them, and support them in their endeavors, as they support us in ours.

The Official 2022 MUFON International Symposium Sponsors:

Curious Realm

The light of truth shines in the darkness!

Curious Realm sheds light on the hard conversations, esoteric knowledge, and fringe topics usually skipped over by mainstream media. We believe that within these conversations lies the opportunity to build unity, understanding and common empathy among people and by avoiding them we are effectively stunting our growth as a human society! Join us as we delve into the deepest realms of human curiosity and beyond. Visit our LISTEN LIVE page and join the conversation every Tuesday night at 8pm CST! Curious Realm is a proud member of the HC Universal Network family of podcasts. For more episodes, content, or sponsorship information visit HCUniversalNetwork.com.

I have been a student of paranormal phenomena and MUFON member for years. But it wasn’t until I became a sponsor of the MUFON Symposium that I felt I had an opportunity to truly give back to a community of researchers and believers dedicated to the cause of disclosure and scientific evidence in the field UFO/UAP research. Attending and livestreaming from the 2022 MUFON Symposium is sure to be one of the highlights of my broadcast year!

Christopher Jordan

-Host of Curious Realm

To listen to Curious Realm podcasts, you can scan the following QR Code:

Susanne J. Wilson, MA

“I was attracted to MUFON because I have had many direct contacts with non-human intelligent beings. I have found that ultraterrestrials sometimes serve as spirit guides. I have spoken on this topic, many times at various venues including on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Gaia TV, and at international conferences.

On a personal note, the Arcturians are of special interest to me. I have my own private CE5, close encounters of the 5th kind group. Being based in Carefree, AZ, I attend the meetings of MUFON Phoenix.

My life’s purpose is educating people to trust their intuition and connect directly to their guides and loved ones in spirit.

Whatever intuitive ability you want to strengthen—from reading auras to communicating directly with your spirit guides—my inspirational courses and my community—offered live and on-demand, offer something for every spiritual seeker.”

–Susanne J. Wilson, MA, Intuition Educator & the Carefree Medium.

Scan Suzanne’s QR Code below for more information.